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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions
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what is meant by slowly changing dimensions?

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what is Scope of Analysis

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How do u get requirement from the client? in what format?

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How to hide the table s in webi?can any one tell me plzzzzzzzz

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Can any one say me wat does"maintanence of universe" means wit?

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How to link one location universe to other location universe

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what is report tracing in bo

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Pls say any one... how will u create a report using oracle stored procedure? could u pls send me the step.....

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what is a Micro cube?

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IN BOXIR2 creating universe by using Designer and Business View. What is the difference b/t two?

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what is dashboards? what is metrics?

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what do u mean by merged dimensions in Business Objects

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why we use aggregation in lower level

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in xir2 how to send reports to end user

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TCS Business Objects Interview Questions

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