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TCS COBOL Interview Questions
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Scenario: I have 3 Input Files.Read the first i/p file and depending on certain business logic, I want to read wither i/p file-2 or i/p file-3.Now, depending on certain business logic applied to the record read from either file-2 or file-3, I decide to write them to either output file-2 or output file-2. Question: How many job steps are necessary to implement a solution for the above.

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Under which scenario you would go for a static call as opposed to dynamic call?

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what is linkcard in cobol?

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77 I pic 99 value 5 Perorm para-A I times. Para -A. move 10 to I. How many times the para-A will be executed.?

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how many subpgms we can use in a main pgm ? how do u link sub pgm to main pgm ? how can i use the parameters declared in main pgm to sub pgm ?

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how many bytes does s9(15) occupy in comp1 comp2 and comp3 ?

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i have variable record in the 5th, i want to sort from 5th filed ? how ?

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what is a load module ?

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how do u indetify files succesfully executed or not ?

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what is internal sort and external sort ? which is preferable ?

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wht r the advantages of 77 level number ?

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wht happens if we dnt give scope terminator ?

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where will u code file status ?

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how do u link sub pgm to main pgm ?

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how to pass 100 to s9(4) how r they inserted ?

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TCS COBOL Interview Questions

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