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what is internal sort and external sort ?
which is preferable ?

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what is internal sort and external sort ? which is preferable ?..

Answer / tejas sheth


For internal sort you need to code a program by specifying
the sort criteria and that the program need to be compiled
and linked.

But in case of External sort there is no need for coding the
program.Moreover you can change the sort criteria just by
changing the sort parameters that passed thru the SYSIN card.

So the external sort is more efficient compared to internal

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what is internal sort and external sort ? which is preferable ?..

Answer / udhaya

the internal sorting can reside in main memory....external
use secondary memory.....
-internal sorting is independent of time to read/write a
record...external ids dependent on the same
-internal sorting takes input only which can be fit into
its memory...i.e. it takes small input....whereas external
sorting can take as much as large input...

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