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TCS COBOL Interview Questions
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01 A pic 9(100) find record length of it

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how to know that the file has 300 records how to acess it?


how we rectify soc7 and soc4 errors in project?

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How to remove the spaces at end of each record in the output file Via COBOL program? note: The file has a VB length

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why mainframe we use not like java as frontend oracle as backend. or not word excel.In there also huge ammount data stored.

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ID DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. PLO. DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 VAR1 PIC 9(2). 01 VAR2 PIC X(2). PROCEDURE DIVISION. ACCEPT VAR2. MOVE VAR2 TO VAR1. STOP RUN. if i give 'PI' in var2 then what will b output of progr. any abend?????

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have in 100 records in a file i want to read first 3 records and skip next 3 records and agan i want to read 3 records and again i want to skip 3 records...

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have in 100 records in a flat file i want to move records like 1,3,5,7,9,11,.. to Output file1 and 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 .. records moved to Output file2..Pls Provide real time answer..

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What is 66 level number and where it is used in real time by software developers?

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what is label record is standard or omitted in file description of data division?

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How to Write the RESTART Logic Using COBOL?

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how to convert the recors form vsam file to db2 table tru file aid


How to read records in reverse order in flat file? I know we can do it by reading all records into an array.... Then read records in reverse order by using subscript or index but can any body give me the exact code.

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TCS COBOL Interview Questions

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