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TCS COBOL Interview Questions
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can we print comp 3 stmts how ?

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How to define variable 9(20) in COBOL, because compiler does not allow us to declare variables with Pic 9(18). Can anyone please let me know the answer... I know one answer to this question which is to use Compiler option Arith (Extend) during Compilation. It extends the maximum limit to 9(32)..Just wanted to know if there is any other way to extend this?

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wht is load module and object module ?

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What is the difference between working storage copybook and linkage section copybook?

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how to run sub programs using static and dynamic call ...

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what modification we need to do in jcl if we use sort in cobol? I mean whether we need to include tempary file used for sorting in assign statement?

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how can u redefine picx(10) with pic 9(6).

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i want to store 20 digits . h will u do it in cobol ?

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What is R-mode and A-mode?

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Hi , I am posting some questons which are asked at interview. These may help u for ur interview... what is static and dynamic call?

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whats the disadvantage of search all over search?

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01 WS-NAME PIC X(10) OCCURES 2. by this we can get ws-name 2 times. My qustion is how can we access the second name

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TYPES OF SORTINGS. which is more prefarable.

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what are the isolation levels and where we use it in the db2 program

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what is the difference between perform varying and perform until

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TCS COBOL Interview Questions

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