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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How to give free goods in consignment sales process.?

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inteviewer asked me support activities i did in sap sd??

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functional consultants involved in which phase of the project

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Tell me the Table names in delivery document

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What is use of Reference number and allocation fields in billings documents?

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In Third Party Sales Process how do you know that whether the goods sent by third party vendor has reached customer or not? Is there any control mechanism to know about it in SAP system if so then what is it?

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In the Consignment Process in Consignment Issue (CI) transaction if the customer has consumed some goods from the consignment stock how does the company know about this?

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Do you know about Landscape? Explain it in detail. Tell me about your current company landscape in detail. How to answer this question confidently. What does the interviewer is testing/ expecting by asking this question? Generally how many clients do we have in any company? Explain by giving Ur company example?

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At which stage is your implementation project currently? Are you involved in Documentation of your project? At present are you in data transfer stage? What does data transfer means?

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Are you working in onsite or offsite project? If it is offsite then how do you get requirement from your client? Where is your client located? How to answer these questions more confidently in any interview for that matter? I know this question is nontechnical in nature unrelated to SAP SD subject but this is a crucial question through it interviewer evaluates us? So, I request someone from this SAP SD field to guide me how to answer such questions in an interview by giving ur live example? Thanks in advance.

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When i am raising the sale order.For each and every sale order it is going for credit check.And i have to release it with vkm3 (t.code).Even if the customers credit limit is not exceeded,it is blocking the customer and asking for the credit check.Can any one help in this matter what went wrong.

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What are the gaps did you find in your current implementation project in SAP SD? If there are gaps then how did you fill them? I have been asked this question in a recent interview. Plz tell me how to answer this question confidently along with real time data examples? I request you to provide answers with reference to your real time 2- 3 gap scenarios & how did you filled them? Thanks in advance - an unemployee waiting for your answers eagerly.

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What is make to order & make to stock?

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1. what is functional spec and how it should be in ur project? 2 wt is the gaps (gap analysis) in ur projectat realization stsge? 3 wt r the different pricing procedures in ur projct ? 4 wt r the routines u create at ur project?

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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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