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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How can we assign one credit limit to two customers?

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After final settlement in Rebate What are the documents updated?

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What is the use of Material type in regard to SD.

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how to do custmization of rebate processing in sap sd

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1)where do u integrate quality module nd SD module. 2)where do u customize movement types. Pruthvi Keloor

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please tell about procure to pay(p2p) && order to cash (o2c) cycle in sd module of abap(urgent)??

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How many SAP versions you know? And what is difference between them?

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What is the use of pricing date in condition type?

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What is the use of column CONDITION TYPE in Pricing procedure determination.Like sales area+cust. pp+ Doc. pp+ Pricing procedure+ CONDITION TYPE, withiout maintaing condition type system get pricing procedure in sales order then what is the use of this column

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What should be the value set for Lead Time in Sales Document Type while configuring the system?

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after technical interview,& hr inverview ,they asking ?any question's from your side

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Can you share any two issues which is solved by you and not by your team?

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What is ticketing ? and what problems u have solve in ?

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what is retro active billing?who is will create this?

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List the Basic Steps for SD configuration.

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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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