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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Hi , I am 38 Yrs old and having 10 years of experience in trading industries like Computer hardware,software and steels and education field .I am having some exp of working in SAP as core team also. i want to know is there any limitations of AGE in SAP .


tcs question ? at what phase of project do you have entred

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What are the purposes of the number range objects J_1IEXCLOC and J_1IEXCINV? In which conditions 1. either of the two, or 2. both the objects should be used?


how to define and assign value for mini oder value (amiw) condition type and which field cateloge we suppose to choice in v/03?how amiw and amiz work together?


Hi Friends, Can you please let me know the difference between user exist and Routines


HELLO FRIENDS , What is common distrubution channel and division.

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If PGI is not possible for one sales order. what are mandatory things we have to chck?

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what is positive negative quantity in copy control in sap sd

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What is dependancy editor and what is the T-Code used in the process?

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when i was posting packing material (verp) in mb1c . I got this error field selection for movement type 561 / Aaccount 399999 differs for ext ga amount in lc (023) plz answer for this one

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Hello sap tech gurus, please answer these questions with a real life expreience as i was asked this for my interview. 1. Whats your experience, about reporting tools Quickviewer and SAP Query? 2. Explain your role during Blueprint phase? 3. If you worked on Availability check and Transfer of rquirement, mention a critical error you faced during your expreience? 4. If you did end to end project, how long have you worked on each phase of implementation? Please help with any answers you can provide. Thank you very much in advance!!

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difference between iten cat and general item categary? thanking you in advance

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What are the configurations to be made for PACKING?

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Tell me about your EDI/IDOC experience?


What are the 4 parameters in customer account group?

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TCS SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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