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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What are Standard Texts?

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How does one know that the legacy files have come on to the SAP server you are working on?

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In a transaction there are 5 screens (say) but while recording you could see only 3 screens.what will u do to avoid such situation?will u save it like that?

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what is the difference between user-exit & customer-exit?

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difference betn top-of-page and top-of-page during at- line-selection? in an interactive report, after going to 5th list, can you come back to 2nd list? how?

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How to Search for User-exits for a particular Transaction?

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plz listen carefully sir,in alv reports how i insert logo into alv grid(if it is tcode 'oaer' )?tell me procedure, in the same report how insert background logo tell me the procedure please?

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how can i change rows inot columns in the finaldisplay list

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the control commands in the report program are atfirst,atnew,atlast,atend of and what is the difference between them

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how to design checkbox on the o/p of the list ,not on the selection screen.

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can u send the results from report to sap memory?

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how to print amount in words in alv ?? will the function module spell_amount work ??

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how to fill the select options from an internal table dynamically ie can i use the loop in the initialization

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one client needs material description more than 40 chars so how can we extend because in standard table material descp is of 40 chars only

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what is meaning of idoc monitoring?

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TCS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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