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TCS C Interview Questions
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How to reverse a string using a recursive function, without swapping or using an extra memory?

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int main() { int *p=new int; *p=10; del p; cout<<*p; *p= 60; cout<<*p; } what will be the output & why?

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Which of the Following is not defined in string.h? A)strspn() B)strerror() C)memchr() D)strod()

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Identify the correct argument for the function call fflush () in ANSI C: A)stdout B)stdin C)stderr D)All the above

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Which of the Following will define a type NODE that is a node in a Linked list? A)struct node {NODE*next;int x;};type def struct node NODE; B)typedef struct NODE {struct NODE *next;int x;}; C)typedef struct NODE {NODE *next;int x;}; D)typedef struct {NODE *next;int x;}NODE;

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study the code: #include void main() { const int a=100; int *p; p=&a; (*p)++; printf("a=%dn(*p)=%dn",a,*p); } What is printed? A)100,101 B)100,100 C)101,101 D)None of the above

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which one is not preprocessor directive a)#if b)#elif c)#undef d)#pragma

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what will be the output: main(){char ch;int a=10;printf("%d",ch);}

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What is C language Terminator?

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why i join syntel?

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palindrome for strings and numbers----Can anybody do the prog?

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what is the advantage of function pointer

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what are the static variables

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how to print "hai" in c?

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write a C program to print the program itself ?!

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TCS C Interview Questions

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