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TCS SAP Basis Interview Questions
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what are the subdirectories of usr/sap/sid/jc<00>/?and their significance?

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where do you see the transport logs?

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what is the monitoring tool you're using?

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What is role and what is profile? Different between both?

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what is the difference between spam /saint , how can you apply patches through saint ,suppose you applied sapkb62067 u r manger asked reduce the some 51 level how u will you do that?

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why can't we convert spool wp to dialog or backgrd in operation modes

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what is the difference between transport layer and consolidation root

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If the server buffer memory reaches 95% of memory what will will be the measure have to take for solve that issue.

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how to configure JCO Rfc connection and waht is the use of jco rfc?

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What is the start up Sequence of Dual stack(ABAP+ JAVA) SAP system??

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how to connect external mail server to sap?

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how to send the out put of a background job to only 10 users?

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what is the size of ur oraarchieve directory? how can u prevent archiver stuck situation?

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what are the prerequisites to install ecc?what is saps?what is quick sizer?

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the end user was facing performance can u trouble shoot this?

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TCS SAP Basis Interview Questions

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