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TCS Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Waitfor JMS queue Message and GetJMS queue message activity. Also pls reply in terms of performance

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what is incident management and change management and prob management in ticketing tool ,can u explain briefly?

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what is the diffrence between 2000 to 2003

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what is the difference between multiorg views and multiorg tables

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A 200W,230V lamp is connected across 115V supply.The lamp will draw power?

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what is

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write a query find which rows of a table is updated on 2 days before?

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send me syllubus of AAI exmatation


After completion of testing process what are the mandatory documents that a tester can produce?

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how to do partition in sqlserver


Which is algorithm is used to Manage the Memory in .net ??

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what is the output on the screen? int n; n=printf("my name is %d",printf("kiran %d",printf("kumar"))); printf("\n %d \n",n);

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what is AVL tree?

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why can't we convert spool wp to dialog or backgrd in operation modes

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suppose backgrd job is completed in 5 min yesterday,but the same job is taking 15 min to execute what is the reason?

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TCS Interview Questions

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