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TCS Interview Questions
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what is use of boot -a

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why require regression testing?

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WRITE A C PROGRAM FOR PRINT "RHOMBUS" STRUCTURE . Example: Enter the numbers :3 * * * * * * * *

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A flat file contains 200 records. I want to load first 50 records at first time running the job, second 50 records at second time running and so on, how u can develop this job?

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What is the difference between working storage copybook and linkage section copybook?

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How connect data into DropDownList from Aceess Table?

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write a program greater then three numbers without if, if...else,while,do..while,for,switch statement.

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What is the limit of users in exchange servers various flavours like as a Exch serv 2000,2003,2007.

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what is frequancy

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write a c program to print "Welcome" without using semicolon in the whole program ??

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how create a pivot tables, pivot charts in ms. excel


What is make to order & make to stock?

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what is DHCP & DNS port number?

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how many register we r using in mvs?

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Difference Between getRequest and PostRequest?

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TCS Interview Questions

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