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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What are fields need to be activated for the available check and TOR.

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In Intercompany billing (IV) what are the accounting postings will happen.

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what is functional specs in sap sd. I want it detail with examples. and also gap analysis.

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how many users do you have

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Hi. What are the accounting documents generated or accounting entries after PGI.Please understand and give the answer.Thanks

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what is the difference between bans and banc

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Can we maintain two pricing procedure for same order type? 1 for day time another for night time ?

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What are different assignments we will do in SAP SD tab in the IMG and please let me know difference between the assignment & determination?

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What is work flow ? and what is Price type ? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

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What is Sales Returns in Intercompany Sales?

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Hi friends. This is Ramesh. I have a doubt. In which stage we can collet the data from client. Is it from project preparation stage or from business blue print stage. Pls reply me. Thanks in advance. Ramesh

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what setting Item category TAS makes generate automatic Purchase requisition in third party sales

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Please give some Examples for Change Requests in SAP SD?

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An Access sequence has five condition tables and the exclusive indicator is not checked. Condition records are maintained. Now in the order it will pick the value from which table?

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in third party sales how delivery date is determined in the sales order

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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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