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Wipro Dot Net WindowsForms Interview Questions
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what is the difference between checkbox and radiobutton?

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What is the default property of data control?

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We are facing problem with the compatibilty of IE 7 and IE 6.We are calling a showModal window that is working fine in IE6 but with IE7 it opens a new Window and Data is not getting poputaled.In some pages it Gives an error "The webpage you are viewing is trying to Close the window.Do you want to close this window".

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How insert recored in the database

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how save recoreed in the database

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how barcode create in the report

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how barcode print on the win form


how find recored from the database

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how see report periviwe


how print barcode


how print PGL by XML


I have two combobox .. and i have some items in both combobox now i need to check the item in both combobox if same item is Present in both combobox i need to display that item in message box

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Wipro Dot Net WindowsForms Interview Questions

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