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Wipro PHP Interview Questions
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What is the use of friend function?

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Create a PHP web script with the following attributes: on start, three HTML form elements are shown: an string input field, a checkbox field, a dropdown/pull down list with 5 elements and a submit button. On submission, the form should be redisplayed (while remaining all options/inputs as the user has selected/entered them). Additionally, the selections/inputs of the user should be displayed in text. Please solve this without the use of any external libraries.

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what is interface in php? how it is use?

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How can we submit a form without a submit button?

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Why is PHP-MySQL frequently used for web (Portal) Development?

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What is the difference between InnoDB and MyIsam

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tel me any 2 regular expressions with example

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How can we extract string '' from a string "" using regular expression of PHP

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What is a procedure in php?

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how to display and include the user system date/time in a php program/project

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hi guys..i m new to php..and want to learn it including the oops concept...can anybody send me some good programming bases exercise or a small learning project on it at know html and going thru some of its websites.But about to go on it practically.plz advice.

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i am a 3yr diploma holder(CSE) from bangalore and i got job as php developer.. starting 7.5k... but i dont know what is the future carreer scop for diploma holders(for me)...plz help

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what server connected

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Wipro PHP Interview Questions

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