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Wipro Weblogic Interview Questions
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What is the basic requirement for starting a WebLogic server?.

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What is DataSource ?how can its associated with connection pools ?

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What is Domain? how many domains are possible in a single instance?

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diff b/w managed server and non managed server? can u briefly explain?

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what is command for find out the ip add and port no. of the machine in UNIX?

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In cluster , the load balancing that simply redirect the client request to any available server in weblogic server cluster. Suppose assume we have 4 managed servers and one admin server. can we trace that request is going to which managed server in the cluster? is it possible to tell that request is going to which ipaddr/managed server?

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How to Know the maanged servers status,when admin console is not available?

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how can you increase heap size from command line

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what is directory structure of any ear/war file in weblogic

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how to upgrade the weblogic server licence?


how to create a sub domain in domain ?

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Wipro Weblogic Interview Questions

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