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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is the diff. between order type billing and delivery type billing ? how can we identify?

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How many sales organisations,distributionchannels and Divisions will be there in a company?

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the condition type DIFF is not triggered in sales the sales order if 2 line items are there from two different plants.for one material it is showing error but for the other it is working fine.what could be the reason?


in sales order in item level for 3 line items client want 3 diff. payment terms where we can configure? pls give the ans ASAP..........

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what is the difference between delivery document and scheduling?

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What is the difference between a Sales order and a scheduling agreement?

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Why Does Delivery does not have schedule lines

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Please can someone explain me step by step procedure of partner determination and also its purpose with all the relevant details.

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Please explain the purpose and configuration of Partner Determination. I was asked this question in an interview. I get confused in partner function, partner type, account assignment, partner procedure etc etc. I would be grateful to you people if you can clear my basic concepts on this topic. Thanks in advance

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if shipping point gets greyed out for the particular line item what could be the possible solution to make that order complete???

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Why and when do we use item category 0002?

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What is the role of SD consultant in Realization phase?

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What is the difference between TAS and TAN?

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How is an item category determined?

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What is dependancy editor and what is the T-Code used in the process?

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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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