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Wipro SAP Security Interview Questions
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which ticketing tool you are using?

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What are the authorization objects which are always present in user master record?

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how we Created over 120 customized end user roles and menus.

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What is meant by t-code lock ? Please explain the actual background process when a user try to access a locked t- code ? What happens inbackground when someone locks a t- code ?

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Whay can't you assign a composite role to another composite role ? Need clear explaintion.

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What is the impact of changing the SU24 objects for a t- code Check ndicator from "No" to "Yes" and "Yes" to "No" ?

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How can you find all t-codes which are locked in the system ?

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How to restrict Table access in SAP?

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How to find list of roles which are not assigned to any user

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Tell me about the license types and what kind of users need to be assigned to these license types

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Wipro SAP Security Interview Questions

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