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Wipro USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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Why did you not leave with your husband? (OR) Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date? (OR) Why did you not come with your husband for interview?


For how long have your husband?s been working with employer

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Where are you staying currently?


Hi,I am planning to apply H4 dependent visa for my spouse.her parents are already staying on green card in is there any chances of rejection of her H4 visa in interview because of her parents and younger brothers are already living there on Green card.


Can i work in USA by H4 dependent Visa? My husband's company has an onsite project for 3years in USA and now we need to shift ther. I am also working in some MNC in India, and want to get job in USA. Is there any problem for H4 Visa holder who is willing to work in USA?

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Hi,my wife is travelling to canada in work permit for 2years,what are the documents required for me to travel with her as dependent.


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Wipro USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions

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