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Wipro SAS Interview Questions
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How do handle working under pressure?

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What has been your most common programming mistake?

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Tell e how how dealt with..


Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specfications?


what is the difference between compiler and interpreter? give any one example (software product) that act as a interpreter?

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how do i read multiple spaces in datasets? eg: vijaya raghava perumal.I tried with using & but it workss if its vijaya raghava but not for raghava to do this?

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what r the job openings SAS for fresher graduates !


what is Difference between PROC SQL JOINS and MERGE?

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What is the differnce between SDTM 3.1.2 to 3.1.1 version


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Wipro SAS Interview Questions

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Your company has asked you to be the project manager for the product introduction of their new DeskTop Rock media system. You recently published a document that establishes the scope baseline. Which of the following is true? A. This is the scope statement, which is an output of the Scope Planning process. B. This is the scope statement, which is an output of the Scope Definition process. C. This is the scope statement, which is a tool and technique of the Scope Definition process. D. This is the scope management plan, which is an output of the Scope Definition process.


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