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Wipro Linux Commands Interview Questions
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How will retrieves incoming mails from different web sites

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why do u want to join this company

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how do you port scaning with netcat command?

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how do u find remote machine operating system and version?

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how do u extract files from iso cd images in linux?

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when i create SAMBA server it is ok but while i try for access from windows pc he ask me only first time smb password then i close samba login next time he can`t ask for passwd why.?

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how to create SAMBA server in fedora 9 linux ?

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In which File is Static IP address given so that it becomes Permanent ?

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my clients are getting services from servers but how to know which client is using which service. is there any files to keep information about these? clients used ftp, nis, samba, apache, squid, nfs and mail services how to know how many users got service from server side with date,time and client system ip ?

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who invented unix?

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what is linux utilities and editor

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Difference between swap partition and swap file?

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I know ssh, telnet, dns,apache all are worked on TCP/UDP but i want to know any one service which are working on UDP only?

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what are the linux boot files?

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How we can set the password length in linux?

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Wipro Linux Commands Interview Questions

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