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Wipro Database Management Interview Questions
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What is a logical backup ?

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what the REPLACE('JACK AND JUE','J','BL') will return ?

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Explain the classification of Database Management System?


If I delete a table and then rollback it, do the index on the table remains? What if I drop the table and roll back?Do index on the table remains? What if I truncate the table and roll back? Do the index on the table remains

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how to pass values from one table to another by using Bulk collect?

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1. Difference between Lookup and join? 2. Difference between funnel and join? 3. What type of load you have used in your project? 4. What type of data warehouse schema you have fallowed in you project? 5. How many fact tables and dimension tables is their in project? 6. How do you kill the job process using windows environment? 7. Difference between sequence file and dataset? 8. What is delta load and subsequent load? 9. By using which stages you have implemented the SCD


1)How to check tablespace utilization? 2)what are the RMAN CLONING STEPS? 3)what is standby database? 4)what is difference between standalone database and target database? 5)How to backup the standalone database? 6)tell about the ubgrade steps? 7)How to apply the pathes?


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Wipro Database Management Interview Questions

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