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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What are the Steps in consignment processing?

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What is Returnable packaging processing means?

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How many types of output can you have in sales? what r they?

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Is it possible to automate output processing?

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Basic elements of condition technique?

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What is Condition type? Tell me the main groups?

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Where would you specify that a condition type is a discount or a surcharge?

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Based on which documents u will create a proforma document?

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What are the influencing factors for account determination for invoices?

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In pricing while creating the price there will be 3 check boxes, each might be having its own purposes, Pl, let me know the purpose and action of 3 indivial check boxes

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T.code to release del. Blocked due to credit check?

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What are the diff. movment types in sl?

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If we have three plants & one material No. Then how to extend single material to all three plants.

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what is the difference between item praposal and dynamic product praposal

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Wipro SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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