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Wipro DB Administration Interview Questions
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Can you take Online Backups if the the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode? 5. How do you bring the database in ARCHIVELOG mode from NOARCHIVELOG mode? 6. You cannot shutdown the database for even some minutes, then in which mode you should run the database?

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mssqlserver 2005 Backup Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Restore Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Recovery mode Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Mirroring Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Replication Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Logshpping Advantages & Disadvantages? mssqlserver 2005 Job Advantages & Disadvantages?

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i had backup last i need back monday to now do get backup?

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now one user in i want drop do u drop him?

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Wipro DB Administration Interview Questions

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