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Wipro Data Structures Interview Questions
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Stack can be described as a pointer. Explain.

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How many different binary trees and binary search trees can be made from three nodes that contain the key values 1, 2 & 3?

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The element being searched for is not found in an array of 100 elements. What is the average number of comparisons needed in a sequential search to determine that the element is not there, if the elements are completely unordered?

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In which data structure, elements can be added or removed at either end, but not in the middle?

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Convert following infix expression to the prefix expression. a - b + c * (d / e - (f + g))

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difference between the run time polymorphism and compile time poly morphism and about virtual function.

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what is R-B tree

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how to search an element in sorted linked list with time complexity is O(log n).

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how to find the number of possible tree in the given tree.

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Devise a program to sort an array using bubble sort.


What sort of serious problems have you experienced, and how have you handled them?


Describe the merge sort principle and what will be its time complexity?


Provide an algorithm to reverse a linked list without using recursion.


How will you sort the elements of array in descending order?


What is the procedure to insert into a sorted array?


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Wipro Data Structures Interview Questions

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