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Wipro Test Cases Interview Questions
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write a test case for a pen and paper regarding writing.

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How to execute test cases written in excelsheet???

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can u tell me how do we writetestcases for perfomance,load,And stress?

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testcases for waterbottle

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can u say me how many test cases i can get for a user to login and enter password ..please specify in testcase desing template for that

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write the test cases for how do u send a message in mobile

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pls send me the testcases for telecom billing system

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my namjad . firefox doesn't open yahoo page but other page open so what is reason I'm again install but is not working

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write the testcases for migrating data from one database to another database?


I need GUI test case for home page?


what is self cleaning of test cases and repeatability and usability of test cases?what is the difference in repeatability and usability

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how to write a jwebunit testcase for ejb3.0 project


How to write test case on paper and pen.

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How to write test cases for manual testing? What are the main syntex for writing test cases for Junit?


pls let me know the answer, recently i faced this question in interview. when you are writing the test cases,if the requirements are changed what will u do?

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Wipro Test Cases Interview Questions

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