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Wipro Visual Basic Interview Questions
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What is VB ShellScripting?

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Difference Types of Procedures in VB?

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Why API functions are Required?


what are the types of Recordsets?

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what are the Differences between ActiveX Control and Standard Control?


What are the Differenct Types of Instancing Property in ActiveX Dll and Exe?


What do you mean by HTTP?

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plzzzzzzz mail me some questions that r important to revise before an interviev wat r the possible question that mnc ask MY EMAIL ID

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In visual source safe if in middle of my program power was off and it was not save then wat will happen whether it will save or not? can any body tel me the answer for this.

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what is different between edit and update?

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Hai! , i make a project for browsing center using vb6.0 , at the time of running below mentioned error is occured so please help me for solve this problem. Error : Can't find project or library

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what is different from edit and updates?

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Can we change back color of command button control? if yes than how it is possible?

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in vb6.0 can we use function keys (F1 to F12) in form_keypress event in a form which contains commandbutton (s) control? if yes, then explain me how it is possible. Thanks.

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Wipro Visual Basic Interview Questions

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