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Wipro Operating Systems AllOther Interview Questions
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Virtual memory size depends on [a] address lines [b] data bus [c] disc space [d] a & c [e] none

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Dear All, When the patches are installed in the server OS, how will we know that which patch is the latest patch?


1) What is an Virtual memory? 2) How do we test API's in both Windows/Linux/Unix? 3) What is an IOCTL? 4) How do you open a char device through API's? 5) What is major num/ minor num? 6) What is the max num for minor num? 7) Who gives you the major / minor numbers? 8) Reverse a string using recursive func. 9) fork/vfork/clone. 10) What does fork returns? 11) What is a zombie process? 12) What happens when a child completes before parent tries to wait for it? 13) Interrupt handlers, top-hdnl....?


discuss the procedures to evaluate disk excess time


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Wipro Operating Systems AllOther Interview Questions

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