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Wipro SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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could you guys please tell me the most frequently asked interview questions about sap crm. Ofcourse please suggest me with answers.

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what is the package that you use to save the OD profile?

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what r the different organisational determination rule in crm?

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explain any tickets you faces in support and how you solved it?


we have created a organisational structure in a non-sap system and how we will transfer this organisational structure to another non-sap systems.

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wht is the business process involved in sap-crm? what reports a sap-crm functional generate? what are the tools used in sap-crm?


What is partner function? How will you do determination? Why we use?

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What are the sources for partner functions?

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What is the procedure to do text determination? Tell the process?


How many methods/profiles in Org determination? Can you do org det at item level?

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What as Action? Why we use? What are the conditions we have? What type of actions you have used, for which scenario explain?

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Tell me some transaction types? How many Levels are there in transactions?

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What is activity? Types, customizing settings? How will you change the reasons according to the status?


Campaign mgt wt you know? Wt are the settings will you do?


How will you execute campaign? Where you have used campaign explain?


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Wipro SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions

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