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Wipro J2SE Code Interview Questions
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How to create and run runnable jar file of a Java Project.

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Wipro J2SE Code Interview Questions

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#include #include #include #include void insert(struct btreenode **, int); void inorder(struct btreenode *); struct btreenode { struct btreenode *leftchild; struct btreenode *rightchild; int data; }; main() { struct btreenode *bt; bt=(struct btreenode *)NULL; int req,i=1,num; clrscr(); printf("Enter number of nodes"); scanf("%d",&req); while(i<=req) { printf("Enter element"); scanf("%d",&num); insert(&bt,num); i++; } inorder(bt); } void insert(struct btreenode **sr, int num) { if(*sr==NULL) { *sr=(struct btreenode *)malloc (sizeof(struct btreenode)); (*sr)->leftchild=(struct btreenode *)NULL; (*sr)->rightchild=(struct btreenode *)NULL; (*sr)->data=num; return; } else { if(num < (*sr)->data) insert(&(*sr)->leftchild,num); else insert(&(*sr)->rightchild,num); } return; } void inorder(struct btreenode *sr) { if(sr!=(struct btreenode *)NULL) { inorder(sr->leftchild); printf("\n %d",sr->data); inorder(sr->rightchild); } else return; } please Modify the given program and add two methods for post order and pre order traversals.


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