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Wipro J2EE Interview Questions
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What is the difference between sendRedirect() and forward()? in what situations do we have to use send redirect() instead of forward().

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i have to create an application with session.during that session a timer will be started & show the time in second upto the session expired.So that i can know how many time i in that session. Hint:-i m hinted that it will coded with javascript

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Whats the O/p of the below code snippet ? And explain how does it imply the concept of call-by-value/call-by reference. (PS : Pls ignore syntax errors) public class One { public oneA(){ sop ("Into One--");} } public class Two extends One{ public twoT(){ sop ("Into Two--"); } } public class Home { One a; Two t; public static void main(argv[]) { sop ("In Home--"); sop(a.oneA()); sop(t.oneA()); sop(a.twoT()); sop(t.twoT()); } }

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Explain the following statement: Java is always pass-by-value.

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Wipro J2EE Interview Questions

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