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Wipro SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?

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Two Methods of retrieving SQL?

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Can we use more than one null value for unique key?

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what is difference between procedure and function

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in procedure how to return a value

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How to retrieve Duplicate Rows only in a Table? Suppose if a Table Name is "Education". It consists of multiple columns. Then if we insert rows into this table with duplicate records then how can we retrieve only duplicate records from that table?

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I want to display the employees who have joined in last two months. (It should be executed randomly means If I execute the query in March it should display Jan and Feb joined employees. Same query if i execute in Feb, 2007 it should display dec, 2006 and jan 2007 joined employees.

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Give an example of any procedure.

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what is a cursor

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Differences between UNIQUE and DISTINCT in select statements

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scope of exception handling in plsql

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how to find the second highest salary from emp table?

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there are .......different types of serializability

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What does “select count(*) from tab” result?

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Wipro SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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