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Wipro QTP Interview Questions
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How u connect bugzilla with QTP

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WHICH functionalities of QTP used in Banking project?

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how to write script in qtp(vbscript)..i mean with out application deployed..and how to call script1 into script2?

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how u conduct GUI testing and PERFORMANCE testing on MS- WORD? and What r the GUI Test Cases and performance Test Cases?

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h u call the function

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what is test data

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what is file database

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what is standalone database

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w is active screen

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suppose u hav a 10 dialog or window opened on screen with same name & value. now how to test each window? i.e. how qtp indetifies these objects separately?

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I am using excel sheet to export data to QTP but it selects just one row of data from excel sheel how to import all rows of excel sheet to QTP during runtime

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how do check the links in a webpage ?

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There are 3 types of frame works in QTP 1. Linear frame work 2. Modular frame work 3. Key word driven frame work. Can any body explain the above 3 frame work models.

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Wher to use DATA TABLE METHODS in Qtp?What is the use of it?

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Wipro QTP Interview Questions

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