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Wipro IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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What controls which printer a report goes to?

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what is the purpose of DMPCLPGM IN CL?

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what is the correct about QTEMP library(below mention)? is Unique to a job can be shared between different job can only be deleted by QSECOFR d.Non Please give me the answer for this?

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Dear All, I have one confusion related to my platform. I am working with Wipro from last two year however still I am looking for AS400 platform kindly show me the way out of it. And please share with me the hardware knowledge that how I grow myself in hardware (AS/400) also.


. How to know why the OPM job is in MSGWAIT state?..WHAT COULD BE THE REASON FOR it?

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Job is running in production 24/7 how do u debug that running job ?

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load all subfile logic in sqlrpgle and when updating particular record it must be lock form other jobs (not a file)?

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Wipro IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions

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