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Wipro Accounting General Interview Questions
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What determines Capital flow across the countries?

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What are the major components of country's trade account?


Define and distinguish between flexible and floating exchange rate system. What kind of exchange rate system does china have?


book keeping is the art of recording------in the books of accounts

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Examples each for golden rules of accounting

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which date is effected in books related bank reconciliation transaction date or value date?

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What are the probable interviwe questions in SBI clerical interview ? I am having my interview on 30th april.


please explain briefly about account receivables and payables

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entry for cheque bounce

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If current liabilities shown in assets side of balance sheet.... what they did wrongly??? how can change the liabilty side from asset side???

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What is Amortisation? What is the difference between depreciation and amortisation?

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formula for capital turnover ratio

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what is red ink interest

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if salary paid per month rs. 46500/- i will deduct tds from his salary please what i will do explain

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what is the final accunt

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Wipro Accounting General Interview Questions

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