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Wipro JCL Interview Questions
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A PROC has five steps. Step 3 has a condition code. How can you override/nullify this condition code?

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How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment ?

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If there are five steps in a JCL i have to execute the 3rd step, bypass the 4th step and execute the 5th step how do i do this?

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How do you handle empty files in a JCL ?

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i have five step in forth step is gdg.gdg was abend.when will job complete,hoe to handle you

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If job is submitted with typerun = hold then how can we submit the same job?

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common jcl abends??

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What is difference between Return Code, user completion code, Abend code and reason Code?

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If the COND parameter is specified in both the JOB and EXEC statements, which one will take precedence? If JOB takes priority and if all the conditions evaluate to false, then will the conditions on the EXEC step be evaluated next?

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I need to compare two VSAm files. In input VSAM file some fields are updating and the updated feilds are coming into the output file. now i need to compare these two files with respect to a perticular field. Please suggest a suitable JCL code me.

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in jcl you are having JCLLIB and STEPLIB what happens

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Could anyone please suggest me what is the maximum length of data that can be pass as input in //sysin dd * This was asked in interview. TIA

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I have a JCL with 100 steps. I want run the Alternate steps in the JCL ( Like 2 ,4,6,8 etc.. ). How can I acheive this scenario? If It is by Cond Parameter can you provide the Condition code for that?

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I have Job A and Job B. I want to trigger Job B from Job A. Please advise.

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wht r s722,s822,s122 and s222 abends pls reply fast

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Wipro JCL Interview Questions

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