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Wipro Unix Commands Interview Questions
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What command will bring user back to their home directory in UNIX?

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what are the differences between CUI and GUI interfaces?

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Explain iostat, vmstat and netstat.

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distinguish between interrupts and exceptions?

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What is the difference between Shell Programming and Shell scripting?

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what is difference between unix and linux?

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How to set sticky bit, or it have any seperate directory to create sticky bit in sunfir servers. Please help me , i don't no the exact answer?

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what is the default permission for /etc/shadow file in UNIX

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why metadb requires a seperate slice to create Solaris volume manager


what these two commands prints "echo test","cat test"?

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how to check a file system type

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solaris Run level?

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boot process?

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Wipro Unix Commands Interview Questions

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