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Wipro Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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what is difference between d2k report and oracle apps report

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why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what is use

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tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports


which parameters passed in report in oracle developer how to pass

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in one report using two layout models.if yes how to do

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what is the defference between credit memo and debit memo

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tell me the scenarios of between pages in reports

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what is the difference between procedure and function

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in procedure how to return a value

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what is difference between po_headers_all and po_headers

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what is organization id

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in ap_terms table what data will be stored

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what is aim methodolozy

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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top

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If the valueset if of type –TABLE then how many tables can we attach in the valueset ?

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Wipro Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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