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Wipro CCNA Interview Questions
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Novell's implementation of RIP updates routing tables every ____ seconds. A. 60 B. 90 C. 10 D. 30

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Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and AppleTalk? A. Ethernet 802.3 B. Ethernet 802.2 C. Ethernet II D. Ethernet SNAP

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Repeaters work at which layer of the OSI model? A.) Network B.) Session C.) Transport D.) Physical

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What is an advantage of LAN segmentation? A.) Increases broadcasts. B.) Increases collisions. C.) Provides more protocol support. D.) Decreases broadcasts. E.) Routing protocol support.

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Which command would configure Interface E0 with an IP address of using a Subnet mask of ? A.) ip address B.) ip address /24 C.) ip address mask D.) ip address mask ff:ff:ff:0 E.) that is an invalid mask for a class 'A' address

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Identify the hardware component that stores the bootstrap program? A.) ROM B.) NVRAM C.) Booter load D.) RAM E.) Flash

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What is the most common layer 2 device? A. Hub B. Router C. Switch D. Repeater

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Which three statements about Frame Relay configurations using subinterfaces is true? (Choose three) A. Each subinterface is conferred either multipoint or point to point B. Any network address must be removed from the physical interface C. The configuration of subinterfaces is done in router (config-if)# mode D. Frame Relay encapsulation must be conferred on each subinterface

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At which layer of the OSI model does the ping command operate? A. session B. network C. transport D. maintenance

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When you enter router passwords during the setup dialog what is the difference between enable and the enable secret passwords? A. The enable password is encrypted B. The enable secret password uses IPSec password authentication C. The enable secret password cannot be seen as clear text when viewing the configuration D. The enable secret password acts as a backup in case the enable password is compromised

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You just entered the following command_Router(config#) line console 0 Which operation is most likely to follow? A. Confound terminal type B. enter protocol parameters for a serial line C. create a password on the console terminal line D. establish a terminal type 4 connection to a remote host E. change from configuration mode to console privileged mode

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Why we choose the router rather then L-3 Switch

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If i connect two routers through ethernet cable and serial cable then which has high speed and which is better among two?

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what is the difference between osi and tcp ?

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Tell me CCNA Course + Dump Q/A in chennai?

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Wipro CCNA Interview Questions

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