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Wipro Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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If you try to send an e-mail to someone and the following message appear "Message Undeliverable", what could be wrong?

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how to share a directory with nfs server and how client mount the nfs share

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booting process in solaris

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in samba server if we share a file like a.txt from unix(solaris) to windows how it displays at windows.wheather like a.txt (or)A.txt.any case sensitive.why?

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what r the daily responsibilities of u as a system administrator

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what is major number and what is minor number..?

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How can i stop the telnet service in solaris 8 and 9?

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How u can detach or remove the disk it is in Veritas (Vxvm) control that is the disk in the production server ?

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how to uninstall bundle of patches?

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how to change nic card from half duplex to full duplex?

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Whats the boot process of VxVM?

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what are the questions that will be asked for a 3yrs experienced candidate in solaris system admin. how to face first hr round if one puts fake experience of 2or 3 yrs in solaris system admin. please respond with an opt answer. thank you in advance...

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when i am starting solaris10 with 'fail safe mode' on intel machine it is asking "#starting shell".what is it and how to solve this problem?

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Wipro Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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