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Wipro Informatica Interview Questions
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Define informatica repository?

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Explain one complecated mapping?

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What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation?

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What are the types of lookup?

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What are the different options used to configure the sequential batches?

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What is data quality? How can a data quality solution be implemented into my informatica transformations, even internationally?

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what r the transformations that r not involved in mapplet?

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what is data driven?

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In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations u have overcome, and explain about sessions.

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i have f;latfile source. i have two targets t1,t2. i want to load the odd no.of records into t1 and even no.of recordds into t2. what is the procedure and whar t/r's are involved and what is the mapping flow

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how DTM buffer size and buffer block size are related

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how much memory (size) occupied by a session at runtime

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i have flatfile source. i want to load the maximum salary of each deptno into target. what isthe mapping flow

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supose if ur scr table contains alphanumeric values like 1,2,3,a,v,c in one columen like c1 n now u have load d data in 2 seperare columns like ID should contain only numbers 1,2,3 n NAME col should contain a,b,cin target?How

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hw to load this give the mapping? cty state o/p c1 s1 c1 c1 s2 s1 c1 s1 c1 c2 s3 s2 c3 s4 c1 c3 s2 s1 c2 s3 c3 s4 c3 s2 2 columns should be loaded to one column in target table?

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explain 3 years gap in your employ history?


Any body have QTP 9.5 licence key. please provide me at


What is Triangle algorithm?


1. If a table does not have MANDT as part of the primary key, it is ____. A: A structure B: Invalid C: Client-independent D: Not mandatory 2. In regard to CALL, which of the following is NOT a valid statement? A: CALL FUNCTION B: CALL SCREEN C: CALL TRANSACTION D: CALL PROGRAM 3. Name the type of ABAP Dictionary table that has these characteristics: Same number of fields as the database table Same name as database table Maps 1:1 to database table A: Pooled B: Cluster C: Transparent D: View 4. An event starts with an event keyword and ends with: A: Program execution. B: END-OF-EVENT. C: Another event keyword. D: END-EVENT. 5. What is the system field for the current date? A: SY-DATUM B: SY-DATE C: SY-DATID D: SY-SDATE 6. The following code indicates: SELECT fld1 fld2 FROM tab1 APPENDING TABLE itab WHERE fld1 IN sfld1. A: Add rows to the existing rows of itab. B: Add rows to itab after first deleting any existing rows of itab. C: Select rows from tab1 for matching itab entries. D: Nothing, this is a syntax error. 7. You may change the following data object as shown below so that it equals 3.14. CONSTANTS: PI type P decimals 2 value '3.1'. PI = '3.14'. A: True B: False 8. The SAP service that ensures data integrity by handling locking is called: A: Update B: Dialog C: Enqueue/Dequeue D: Spool 9. Which of these sentences most accurately describes the GET VBAK LATE. event? A: This event is processed before the second time the GET VBAK event is processed. B: This event is processed after all occurrences of the GET VBAK event are completed. C: This event will only be processed after the user has selected a basic list row. D: This event is only processed if no records are selected from table VBAK. 10. Which of the following is not a true statement in regard to a hashed internal table type? A: Its key must always be UNIQUE. B: May only be accessed by its key. C: Response time for accessing a row depends on the number of entries in the table. D: Declared using internal table type HASHED TABLE. 11. TO include database-specific SQL statements within an ABAP program, code them between: A: NATIVE SQL_ENDNATIVE. B: DB SQL_ENDDB. C: SELECT_ENDSELECT. D: EXEC SQL_ENDEXEC. 12. To measure how long a block of code runs, use the ABAP statement: A: GET TIME. B: SET TIME FIELD. C: GET RUN TIME FIELD. D: SET CURSOR FIELD. 13. When a secondary list is being processed, the data of the basic list is available by default. A: True B: False 14. Given: DATA: BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 10, qty type I, END OF itab. DO 25 TIMES. itab-qty = sy-index. APPEND itab. ENDDO. LOOP AT itab WHERE qty > 10. WRITE: /1 itab-qty. ENDLOOP. This will result in: A: Output of only those itab rows with a qty field less than 10 B: Output of the first 10 itab rows with a qty field greater than 10 C: A syntax error D: None of the above 15. After a DESCRIBE TABLE statement SY-TFILL will contain A: The number of rows in the internal table. B: The current OCCURS value. C: Zero, if the table contains one or more rows. D: The length of the internal table row structure. 16. You may declare your own internal table type using the TYPES keyword. A: True B: False 17. After adding rows to an internal table with COLLECT, you should avoid adding more rows with APPEND. A: True B: False 18. Which of the following is not a component of control break processing when looping at an internal table? A: AT START OF B: AT FIRST C: AT LAST D: AT NEW 19. A dictionary table is made available for use within an ABAP program via the TABLES statement. A: True B: False 20. Which of the following would be best for hiding further selection criteria until a function is chosen? A: AT NEW SELECTION-SCREEN B: SELECTION-SCREEN AT LINE-SELECTION C: SUBMIT SELECTION-SCREEN D: CALL SELECTION-SCREEN 21. What must you code in the flow logic to prevent a module from being called unless a field contains a non-initial value (as determined by its data type)? A: ON INPUT B: CHAIN C: FIELD D: ON REQUEST 22. The AT USER-COMMAND event is triggered by functions defined in the ____. A: screen painter B: ABAP report C: menu painter status D: ABAP Dictionary 23. In regard to a function group, which of the following is NOT a true statement? A: Combines similar function modules. B: Shares global data with all its function modules. C: Exists within the ABAP workbench as an include program. D: Shares subroutines with all its function modules. 24. In regard to SET PF-STATUS, you can deactivate unwanted function codes by using ____. A: EXCLUDING B: IMMEDIATELY C: WITHOUT D: HIDE 25. In regard to data transported in PAI when the FIELD statement is used, which of the following is NOT a true statement? A: Fields in PBO are transported directly from PAI. B: Fields with identical names are transported to the ABAP side. C: Fields not defined in FIELD statements are transported first. D: Fields that are defined in FIELD statements are transported when their corresponding module is called. 26. The order in which an event appears in the ABAP code determines when the event is processed. A: True B: False 27. A field declared as type T has the following internal representation: A: SSMMHH B: HHMMSS C: MMHHSS D: HHSSMM 28. Which of the following is NOT a component of the default standard ABAP report header? A: Date and Time B: List title C: Page number D: Underline 29. Assuming a pushbutton with function code 'FUNC' is available in the toolbar of a list report, what event is processed when the button is clicked? A: AT USER-COMMAND. B: AT PFn. C: AT SELECTION-SCREEN. D: END-OF-SELECTION. 30. In regard to field selection, what option of the SELECT statement is required? A: FOR ALL ENTRIES B: WHERE C: INTO D: MOVE-CORRESPONDING 31. The following program outputs what? report zjgtest1 write: /1 'Ready_'. PARAMETER: test. INITIALIZATION. write: /1 'Set_'. START-OF-SELECTION. write: /1 'GO!!'. A: Set_ GO!! (each on its own line) B: Set_ Ready_ GO!! (all on their own lines) C: Ready_ GO!! (each on its own line) D: Ready_ Set_ GO!! (all on their own lines) 32. To declare a selection criterion that does not appear on the selection screen, use: A: NO-DISPLAY B: INVISIBLE C: MODIF ID D: OBLIGATORY 33. An internal table that is nested within another internal table should not contain a header line. A: True B: False 34. What is output by the following code? DATA: BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0, letter type c, END OF itab. itab-letter = 'A'. APPEND itab. itab-letter = 'B'. APPEND itab. itab-letter = 'C'. APPEND itab. itab-letter = 'D'. APPEND itab. LOOP AT itab. SY-TABIX = 2. WRITE itab-letter. EXIT. ENDLOOP. A: A B: A B C D C: B D: B C D 35. To select all database entries for a certain WHERE clause into an internal table in one step, use A: SELECT_INTO TABLE itab_ B: SELECT_INTO itab_ C: SELECT_APPENDING itab D: SELECT_itab_ 36. After a successful SELECT statement, what does SY-SUBRC equal? A: 0 B: 4 C: 8 D: Null 37. This selection screen syntax forces the user to input a value: A: REQUIRED-ENTRY B: OBLIGATORY C: DEFAULT D: SELECTION-SCREEN EXCLUDE 38. If the following code results in a syntax error, the remedy is: DATA: itab TYPE SORTED TABLE OF rec_type WITH UNIQUE KEY field1 WITH HEADER LINE. itab-field1 = 'Company'. itab-field2 = '1234'. INSERT TABLE itab. itab-field1 = 'Bank'. itab-field2 = 'ABC'. INSERT TABLE itab. SORT itab. LOOP AT itab. write: /1 itab-field1, itab-field2. ENDLOOP. A: There is no syntax error here B: Remove the SORT statement C: Change INSERT to APPEND D: Add a WHERE clause to the loop 39. If this code results in an error, the remedy is: SELECT fld1 fld2 FROM tab1 WHERE fld3 = pfld3. WRITE: /1 tab1-fld1, tab1-fld2. ENDSELECT. A: Add a SY-SUBRC check. B: Change the WHERE clause to use fld1 or fld2. C: Remove the /1 from the WRITE statement. D: Add INTO (tab1-fld1, tab1-fld2). 40. When modifying an internal table within LOOP AT itab. _ ENDLOOP. you must include an index number. A: True B: False 41. To allow the user to enter values on the screen for a list field, use: A: OPEN LINE. B: SET CURSOR FIELD. C: WRITE fld AS INPUT FIELD. D: FORMAT INPUT ON. 42. Before a function module may be tested, it must first be: A: Linked B: Authorized C: Released D: Active 43. To include a field on your screen that is not in the ABAP Dictionary, which include program should contain the data declaration for the field? A: PBO module include program B: TOP include program C: PAI module include program D: Subroutine include program 44. If a table contains many duplicate values for a field, minimize the number of records returned by using this SELECT statement addition. A: MIN B: ORDER BY C: DISTINCT D: DELETE 45. The system internal table used for dynamic screen modification is named: A: ITAB B: SCREEN C: MODTAB D: SMOD 46. Within the source code of a function module, errors are handled via the keyword: A: EXCEPTION B: RAISE C: STOP D: ABEND 47. Which system field contains the contents of a selected line? A: SY-CUCOL B: SY-LILLI C: SY-CUROW D: SY-LISEL 48. The following statement writes what type of data object? WRITE: /1 'Total Amount:'. A: Text literal B: Text variable C: In-code comment D: Text integer 49. For the code below, second_field is of what data type? DATA: first_field type P, second_field like first_field. A: P B: C C: N D: D 50. Which of the following describes the internal representation of a type D data object? A: DDMMYYYY B: YYYYDDMM C: MMDDYYYY D: YYYYMMDD 51. A BDC program is used for all of the following except: A: Downloading data to a local file B: Data interfaces between SAP and external systems C: Initial data transfer D: Entering a large amount of data 52. In regard to PERFORM, which of the following is NOT a true statement? A: May be used within a subroutine. B: Requires actual parameters. C: Recursive calls are allowed in ABAP. D: Can call a subroutine in another program. 53. What is the transaction code for the ABAP Editor? A: SE11 B: SE38 C: SE36 D: SE16 54. In regard to HIDE, which of the following is NOT a true statement? A: Saves the contents of variables in relation to a list line's row number. B: The hidden variables must be output on a list line. C: The HIDE area is retrieved when using the READ LINE statement. D: The HIDE area is retrieved when an interactive event is triggered. 55. Database locks are sufficient in a multi-user environment. A: True B: False 56. The complete technical definition of a table field is determined by the field's: A: Domain B: Field name C: Data type D: Data element 57. In regard to LEAVE, which of the following is NOT a true statement? A: May be used to return immediately to a calling program. B: May be used to stop the current loop pass and get the next. C: May be used to start a new transaction. D: May be used to go to the next screen. 58. The following code indicates: SELECT fld6 fld3 fld2 fld1 FROM tab1 INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE itab WHERE fld3 = pfld3. A: The order of the fields in itab does not matter. B: Fill the header line of itab, but not the body. C: Table itab can only contain fields also in table tab1. D: None of the above. 59. The ABAP statement below indicates that the program should continue with the next line of code if the internal table itab: CHECK NOT itab[] IS INITIAL. A: Contains no rows B: Contains at least one row C: Has a header line D: Has an empty header line 60. What will be output by the following code? DATA: BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0, fval type i, END OF itab. itab-fval = 1. APPEND itab. itab-fval = 2. APPEND itab. FREE itab. WRITE: /1 itab-fval. A: 2 B: 0 C: blank D: 1 61. To allow the user to enter a range of values on a selection screen, use the ABAP keyword: A: DATA. B: RANGES. C: PARAMETERS. D: SELECT-OPTIONS. 62. If an internal table is declared without a header line, what else must you declare to work with the table's rows? A: Another internal table with a header line. B: A work area with the same structure as the internal table. C: An internal table type using the TYPES statement. D: A PARAMETER. 63. Assuming an internal table contains 2000 entries, how many entries will it have after the following line of code is executed? DELETE itab FROM 1500 TO 1700. A: This is a syntax error. B: 1801 C: 1800 D: 1799 64. To remove lines from a database table, use ____. A: UPDATE B: MODIFY C: ERASE D: DELETE 65. All of the following may be performed using SET CURSOR except: A: Move the cursor to a specific field on a list. B: Move the cursor to a specific list line. C: Move the cursor to a specific pushbutton, activating that function. D: Move the cursor to a specific row and column on a list. 66. When is it optional to pass an actual parameter to a required formal parameter of a function module? A: The actual parameter is type C. B: The formal parameter contains a default value. C: The formal parameter's \"Reference\" attribute is turned on. D: It is never optional. 67. Coding two INITIALIZATION events will cause a syntax error. A: True B: False 68. Adding a COMMIT WORK statement between SELECT_ENDSELECT is a good method for improving performance. A: True B: False 69. To save information on a list line for use after the line is selected, use this keyword. A: APPEND B: EXPORT C: WRITE D: HIDE 70. To bypass automatic field input checks, include this in PAI. A: AT EXIT-COMMAND B: ON INPUT C: ON REQUEST D: LEAVE TO SCREEN 0. 71. Within a function module's source code, if the MESSAGE_RAISING statement is executed, all of the following system fields are filled automatically except: A: SY-MSGTY B: SY-MSGNO C: SY-MSGV1 D: SY-MSGWA 72. The following code indicates: REPORT ZLISTTST. START-OF-SELECTION. WRITE: text-001. FORMAT HOTSPOT ON. WRITE: text-002. FORMAT HOTSPOT OFF. AT LINE-SELECTION. WRITE / text-003. A: Text-002 may not be selected. B: The value of text-002 is stored in a special memory area. C: Text-002 may be clicked once to trigger the output of text-003. D: None of the above. 73. The ____ type of ABAP Dictionary view consists of one or more transparent tables and may be accessed by an ABAP program using Open SQL. A: Database view B: Projection view C: Help view D: Entity view 74. A concrete field is associated with a field-symbol via ABAP keyword A: MOVE B: WRITE C: ASSIGN D: VALUE 75. The output for the following code will be: report zabaprg. DATA: char_field type C. char_field = 'ABAP data'. WRITE char_field. A: ABAP data B: A C: Nothing, there is a syntax error D: None of the above 76. Page footers are coded in the event: A: TOP-OF-PAGE. B: END-OF-SELECTION. C: NEW-PAGE. D: END-OF-PAGE. 77. The event AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT. occurs before the selection screen is displayed and is the best event for assigning default values to selection criteria. A: True B: False 78. The TABLES statement declares a data object. A: True B: False 79. Assuming tab1-fld7 is not a key field, how can you prevent reading all the table rows? SELECT fld1 fld2 fld3 FROM tab1 INTO (fld4, fld5, fld6) WHERE fld7 = pfld7. WRITE: /1 fld4, fld5, fld6. ENDSELECT. A: Take fld7 out of the WHERE clause. B: Create an index in the ABAP Dictionary for tab1-fld7. C: Use INTO TABLE instead of just INTO. D: Take the WRITE statement out of the SELECT_ENDSELECT. 80. Which of the following is NOT a required attribute when creating an ABAP program? A: Application B: Title C: Status D: Type 81. When creating a transparent table in the ABAP Dictionary, which step automatically creates the table in the underlying database? A: Adding technical settings to the table B: Checking the table syntax C: Saving the table D: Activating the table 82. Within the ABAP program attributes, Type = 1 represents: A: INCLUDE program B: Online program C: Module pool D: Function group E: Subroutine pool 83. If this code results in an error, the remedy is: SELECT fld1 SUM( fld1 ) FROM tab1 INTO_ A: Remove the spaces from SUM( fld1 ). B: Move SUM( fld1 ) before fld1. C: Add GROUP BY f1. D: Change to SUM( DISTINCT f1 ). 84. Which keyword adds rows to an internal table while accumulating numeric values? A: INSERT B: APPEND C: COLLECT D: GROUP 85. Assuming itab has a header line, what will be output by the following code? READ TABLE itab INDEX 3 TRANSPORTING field1. WRITE: /1 itab-field1, itab-field2. A: The contents of the third row's itab-field1. B: The contents of the third row's itab-field1 and itab-field2. C: The contents of the third row's itab-field2. D: Nothing. 86. The following code indicates: SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK B1. PARAMETERS: myparam(10) type C, Myparam2(10) type N, SELECTION-SCREEN END OF BLOCK. A: Draw a box around myparam and myparam2 on the selection screen. B: Allow myparam and myparam2 to be ready for input during an error dialog. C: Do not display myparam and myparam2 on the selection screen. D: Display myparam and myparam2 only if both fields have default values. 87. Which statement will sort the data of an internal table with fields FRUIT, QTY, and PRICE so that it appears as follows? FRUIT QTY PRICE Apples 12 22.50 Apples 9 18.25 Oranges 15 17.35 Bananas 20 10.20 Bananas 15 6.89 Bananas 5 2.75 A: SORT itab DESCENDING BY QTY PRICE. B: SORT itab BY PRICE FRUIT. C: SORT itab. D: SORT itab BY PRICE DESCENDING. 88. Which keyword adds a line anywhere within an internal table? A: APPEND B: MODIFY C: ADD D: INSERT 89. To read a single line of an internal table, use the following: A: LOOP AT itab. _ ENDLOOP. B: READ itab. C: SELECT SINGLE * FROM itab. D: READ TABLE itab. 90. Which Open SQL statement should not be used with cluster databases? A: UPDATE B: MODIFY C: DELETE D: INSERT 91. To include a field on your screen that is not in the ABAP Dictionary, which include program should contain the data declaration for the field? A: PBO module include program B: TOP include program C: PAI module include program D: Subroutine include program 92. This flow logic statement is used to make multiple fields open for input after an error or warning message. A: GROUP B: FIELD-GROUP C: CHAIN D: LOOP AT SCREEN 93. Given: PERFORM subroutine USING var. The var field is known as what type of parameter? A: Formal B: Actual C: Static D: Value


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