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Wipro TCP IP Interview Questions
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Difference between TCP/IP and IP protocol?

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What is the purpose of the inverse domain?

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which IP address will probably be used for an organization having a network of between 1000 and 1500 computers? explain your reason for arriving at the solution

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if we r having OSI model they why nowadays we r using TCP?IP model??

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Desirability of TCP/IP STANDARDS


How is it different than BOOTP or RARP?

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If two hosts connected with the serial cable does it make sence to use ARP,to get the l2/l3 addressing.

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what is TCP over IP?

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congestion happens in which layer in osi?

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What is the port no of TCP.

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In the TCP client-servel model, how does the three-way handshake work in opening connection?


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Wipro TCP IP Interview Questions

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