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Wipro Oracle AllOther Interview Questions
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How do you switch from an init.ora file to a spfile?

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how can it possibble to see the report output in excel sheet in oracle applications

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My requirement is like in database some defects are present and i need to clean them.To be brief for example every employee should have active assigments.So for those records which are not having status as active or null ,i need to update the roecords using API with the correct value. Client will provide a flat file for the records whch are defected.So i need to run the API for those records (flat file)and update the data in database. So my question is how to handle this requirement.Is there any existing API for this purpose?If yes then please send me the NAME. How to update the records in the database using flatfile. Any pointer will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.


what are important reports in HRMS,GL,AP,AR in oracle apps?

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now iam working as an hr executive in hyderabad i would like to learn oracle hrms kindly suggest me some good institutes in hyderabd


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Wipro Oracle AllOther Interview Questions

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