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Wipro Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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how many clients have in our server ? how we find that?

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How to stop the process in Solaris?

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tell me the steps to configure the vg

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how to configure samp in solaris 5.10 sparc architecture

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please post step by step installation of packages from the EIS cd..


can you explain about the vxencap command in veritas volume manager?

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How to configure mirror with hot spare in vxvm I know how to create mirror with vxassist: #vxassist -g make layout=mirror I know how to create hot spare with vxedit #vxedit -g set spare=on diskname but i don't how to attach hot spare to mirror? can some one plz help in this issue.. Thanks & Regards, SaiKrishna. my alternate E-Mail id:

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In veritas: which is the file to keep the information of subdisks, disk groups name, plex and volumes?

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What is environmental? How to add environmental variables in run level 3 & how to edit?

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How will you check the disk performance?

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How to remove a disk group?

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What are the types of cluster configuration?

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if /etc/system file file got deleted how you will regenerate from ok prompt ? in solaris and if and /etc/inittab file got deleted how you will regenerate from ok prompt and if both files got deleted how you will regenerate from ok prompt

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How to change rsc ip in sun V490?

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If user is not loging in to server what is the problem?

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Wipro Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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