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Wipro RPG400 Interview Questions
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How can i keyed a flat file in RPGLE

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how to retrieve particular field records from a physical file,say i have a physical file called 'employee' in it i have to retrieve the records of a field 'admin' present in pf 'employee' using rpg,but i should not use logical file or openquery file.

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how can we find setll setgt chain read reade readp operations are successfull or not,give example.explain in detail.

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What is the diff bw PF/LF Name and their Record format name? what is restriction in record format then file name?


What is the difference between ITER and DO ? I know both are used to execute set of statements repeatedly, but what is the main difference?

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how to run only 10 modules of existing N modules in service program in RPGILE ?

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What is a record lock error?


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Wipro RPG400 Interview Questions

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