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Wipro Struts Interview Questions
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How many types of action clases are there in stuts and their uses?

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What is Struts Frame Work Architecture(With Diagram) ?

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How to depoly your struts application in JBOSS

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when connecting with the database,if database server is down,ho can we handle this exception in struts,how can we send error message to the user?

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How is the Struts framworl related to MVC2?

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how you implement and maintain your struts project by using MVC2 arch?

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what are tiles in struts?

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what are the actions in struts?

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wahts the diif between Mvc1 and Mvc2?

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what is mean by custom tag?

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how will you view ur jsp page to the client by using properties file?

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who will run the execute method in struts?

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what are the type of forward class in Struts?

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how the error can be showed in the jsp page in struts?

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whats is mean Actionerrors and Actionerror?

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Wipro Struts Interview Questions

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