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Wipro ADO.NET Interview Questions
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What provider use by default ?

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what is clustered index?why is it created?

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oledbdataadpter with ms access in giving exception System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException while writing adapter.update(dataset,"tabname"); how to update the database from dataset?


i have two textboxes one for user name and another for password . i have a table name compare(which contains name,passwod etc.,)my doubt is how compare username textbox with name column and how compare password textbox with passwod column. i want the code

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what is bubbled event can u pls explain

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What is main five diffrent between Connected And Disconnected environment

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Execute nonquery returns no. of afected rows.So if my stored procedure hav lot of select stmnt, delete stmnt, insert stmnt..then what does execute nonquery returns in this case?

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WHAT Are the major major compnents of a data provider in

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feature of ADO.Net

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Wipro ADO.NET Interview Questions

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