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Wipro Scripts Errors Interview Questions
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what should i conten when company ask me abt tell me abtyour profile

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//jobname positional parms,keyword parms,.... Restart=step3 //.. //.. //.. //step3 exec=xxxx //... //step4 exec=yyyy,cond=(0,Le,step3) //.. //step5 exec=zzzz Restart =step 3 executes step3.Step 3 gives some return code.In step 4,the test is passed as 0 is less than step 3.So step 4 is bypassed and is not executed. and the program is responsible for issuing the return code that was not even loaded in the main storage. The result: no return code can exist In the steps that follow any test of COND parameter tat attempts to interrogate this non-existent return code will be ignored . Step 5 will be e executed. IN THIS EXAMPLE WHAT DOES XXXX YYYY ZZZZ MEAN?? PLEASE CAN ANYONE SAY...


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Wipro Scripts Errors Interview Questions

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