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Wipro Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What are accounting Principles?

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What is AMC?

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strengths and weakness

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Why should I invest in Mutual fund which is not secured rather than investing in Any Nationalised bank which is giving me guaranteed interest rate of 9.5% per annum which is also more secured?

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In what considerations the nifty and sensex value changes? In other words what's the reason for fluctuations in nifty and sensex???

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why do you want do your specialization in finance?

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Difference between the BSE and NSE not their expansion

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what is sensex,nifty and what is difference between those two

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what is direct investment and foriegn direct investment?


How can you create a secret reserve?

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what is finance?

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what would a proxy server do? what is primary domain controller? what is DNS?how does it differ froma DHCP?


what is the difference between interday trading and intraday trading?

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i have done BSc(I.T). i now wish to pursue MBA i finance. my interview is on Saturday.what do i tell them if they ask me why do i want to do my MBA after BSc(I.T)?someone please help me out


Hi, I am interested in group exams but i dont know much about this, please tell me in brief about how many group exams are there, what is the difference in them. What is APPSC and UPSC exams. How and when to apply for all these exams.


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Wipro Banking Finance Interview Questions

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